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by Virginia M. Fellows

What if the son of a queen was denied his heritage and couldn't talk about it for fear of his life? How could he make sure that future generations knew the real story?

He found a way—by cipher.

The prince? Sir Francis Bacon.
For over 250 years the codes remained undiscovered until the late 1800's when a brilliant young surgeon revealed their secrets to the scorn and ridicule of the clergy and press. Yet his method and fascinating device led to the astounding conversion of many ardent detractors.
Nearly 400 years later, Virginia Fellows uses known decoding systems to reveal the hidden story and cross references them to known historic events.
Placed within the works of Shakespeare and other writers of his time is a poignant and tragic tale that ends on a note of triumph.
The encrypted message reveals a true story that far exceeds the drama, comedy, tragedy, intrigue, betrayal, false identity and heroism of the actual plays.
. Non-fiction written as an astonishing and compelling mystery novel, complete with false identities, characters of honor and nobility, foul play and intrigue, and lots of suspense.

. Eight illustrations including recent photographs of the original 1890s cipher wheel used to decode Shakespeare's works long before computers.

. Filled with actual examples. Illustrations and code wheels included so readers can do it themselves.

. Never before released research with thorough investigation, documentation and numerous footnotes


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The Shakespeare Code. Francis Bacon was Shakespeare. Real cipher wheel proves it.
The Shakespeare Code
  • Publication Date:
    July 2006

  • Retail Price: $19.95

  • Pages: 384